Waste Not Boxes

In the North East alone over 800,000 tonnes of food waste are generated every year. That’s over a third of food produced. We think that’s rubbish and we hope you agree.
We don’t see this food as ‘waste’, we see beautiful and valuable food, and we see the energy, time, fuel, water and other resources that have gone into making it, packaging it and getting it to our supermarket shelves. We would love YOU to join us in giving it value and stopping this waste of resources.

A Waste Not Box is a plastic crate full of a selection of the food we intercept every week. It will always include a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, a loaf or two of bread and some fun surprises – from packets of Percy Pigs to pasta sauces. We promise the food in the boxes will always be in good condition and perfectly edible.

If you’re interested in signing up to receive a weekly Waste Not Box, email boxes@refusedurham.org.uk. You will be asked to fill in a form, read our terms and conditions, and set up a standing order of £10 per week for the box service. To ensure a consistent supply, we have limited numbers of boxes available.