Waste Not Boxes

In the North East alone over 800,000 tonnes of food waste are generated every year. That’s over a third of food produced for us to eat. We think that’s rubbish and we hope you agree.

We don’t see this food as ‘waste’, we see beautiful and valuable food, and we see the energy, time, fuel, water and other resources that have gone into making it, packaging it and getting it to our supermarket shelves. Join us in giving it value and stopping this waste of resources.

A Waste Not Box is a crate full of good food, intercepted by us, otherwise wasted. It will always include a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled goods and some meat or vegetarian options

Boxes cost £15, all proceeds go directly to paying for our costs of collecting and sorting food and making it available to those who are struggling, through partnerships with other charities and through our PAYF community shop.

Waste Not Boxes are available on Saturday mornings ‘first come, first served’ from the cafe at 10am.

Read our FAQs here, and Terms and Conditions here.