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Box of assorted fresh fruit and veg, tins or jars, pasta or rice, bakery items and cold or frozen items – including meat, dairy and ready meals. Delivered to your door.

Delivery only to postcodes beginning DH1, DH2 and DH3. Do not order if you do not live in these areas.

Order on Tuesday 4 pm, delivery Saturday between 10 am – Midday.

First come first served: limited availability, when they’re sold out, they’re sold out.

Veggie and Gluten Free boxes available – please put request in at checkout.

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7 reviews for Waste Not Box

  1. Sophie

    I recently received this box and was super impressed with the selection! Really great service and such friendly people delivering it.
    Thank you!

  2. Jade (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered two boxes and both times been pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety of products and the bonus of saving perfectly good food from landfill. Amazing.

  3. monica stevenson (verified owner)

    First delivery for me. Thrilled with it, and the bonus of saving it from landfill!!. Win Win.

  4. Wayne (verified owner)

    Just received our first box and packed full of fruit and veg, dairy and meat products. Great value its unbelievable this is classed as waste by retailers.

    Keep up the great work

  5. Allison Younger

    Had one of these boxes and it was absolutely fantastic full of fresh fruit and veg and other food , i have my alarm set to remind me to get in quick for next week 🤞

  6. Helen Kirkup

    We have had two of these boxes now and we’ve been very happy with what we have received. It’s been a mix of things we regularly buy and needed, and other items that we have enjoyed finding recipes to use them in. Thank you so much!

  7. Kirsty Lindsay

    I really enjoy trying out new dishes from our Waste Not Box when there are exciting things like fresh figs and a plantain . Typically there is enough for me to make 4-5 dinners for our family of three.

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