Get Involved

We want to see an end to food waste in the North east.

We want to see ‘Pay as You Feel’ cafes and education initiatives like ours in every town: building community, combating loneliness and poverty, serving delicious food to anyone that wants it.


It’s really easy to volunteer with us and you don’t have to sign any commitment to coming every week for years to come. Whether collecting food, chopping, serving, entertaining or making coffees at the café: any time you can give would be very valued. To volunteer, come to one of our monthly training events: listed in “upcoming events” at the bottom of this page – you don’t need to book onto this, just come along!


Any financial support would be hugely appreciated and go towards supporting and furthering all our work. Click here to donate via PayPal , or Become a REfUSE ChampionFind out more about giving to us here.

Keep in touch 

We send out a newsletter every now and then – if you would like to keep up-to-date with our news,  click here , or email us.

We’ve got big dreams for combating food waste in the North East. More events and catering,  education projects, community cooking and food workshops, food festivals, allotments… big ideas, and new ones every day! Our aim, though, is not to build an empire but to encourage a movement, so that ultimately we will put ourselves out of business by seeing food waste become a thing of the past. But there’s a long way to go before that happens, and to get there we need confident and creative people to get on board and start some of this stuff with us – we can’t do it alone! REfUSE and #feedbelliesnotbins is a movement that you can be a part of: so if you have any ideas, skills, networks or things you can contribute at all, get in touch.


If you are involved in a food business then we would love to work with you. We can help you to reduce costs by working through strategies to reduce your food waste. Between our team, we have experience as a consultant for the central Food Policy team of the Co-op, working in the hospitality sector and in logistics for Iceland and the NHS. And where food surplus is unavoidable, we can take that surplus and make sure it feeds bellies not bins. Working with us will provide an opportunity to show how you care about your community and the environment. We will be happy to tell others of how you’ve helped us if you’d like us to. Please just contact us and we’ll work something out.

If you are involved with a business with a Corporate Social Responsibility policy then we may be able to assist with the provision of volunteering opportunities. Volunteering with us can provide an opportunity for employees to get involved in something completely different, new skills, new insights. It’s also fun!