Hire the cafe space

Do you have a knitting club?

Run a church evening group?

A pug appreciation society?

Want to throw a birthday party?

Why not hire our cafe space for your group or event?

Depending on your needs and timings, you could hire the whole cafe space on a day or time we’re not open to the public, or you could just take over a few tables on a day we’re open. We can provide tea and coffee and biscuits, or a selection of catered otherwise-wasted and delicious food.

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If you want to hire a bit of the cafe, (e.g. push a couple of tables together) for a meeting or event held during cafe opening hours: we just ask that you make use of our drinks and food selection. If you are charging others to come (e.g. running a craft group that you charge for), we ask for a pay as you feel contribution from those takings to help keep the cafe running. Free community events may take place at no cost.

The whole cafe space is available most evenings, Sunday mornings or Monday afternoons. Our capacity for people is 65, or for sit-down meals, maximum 40-50 people. Prices are as follows:

Space hire with no staff present (including unlimited self-serve tea and coffee) : £60 half day; or £25 per hour. If you want one or two members of staff present to oversee and serve coffees and hot drinks (where drinks are paid for by individuals), it is £11 per hour per staff member.

Exclusive use of the space for a private catered event: here are some example options and prices, but everyone is different so please email us your requirements and we’ll give you a quote!

  • Hot and cold help-yourself buffet: £10 per head for over 20 people, £12 per head under 20 people. Additional £2 per head for a pudding or a starter course.
  • Table service, three-course meal:  £16 per head for over 20 people, £18 per head for under 20 people.

Warehouse Storage

We have a large warehouse with space available to use for storage. This is at your own risk – the storage is not secure and warehouse is used by many people. We charge £5 per pallet of storage space per week.