Waste Warriors at Cestria Primary School

We really enjoyed working with Naomi and Sarah from The Refuse Café to try to reduce our school’s food waste. The project was called Eat Smart. 

In just 6 weeks we reduced our school’s food waste by 24kg this would save our school £207 a week. This is an incredible £8120 a year! We are very proud of these results.

As Waste Warriors we measured how much food was wasted and did assemblies to tell the children in our school how we could work together to improve things! 

The project was sponsored by a company from Norway called Kavli Trust. We invited Rune and Hanne from Kavli Norway to our final assembly to see the good work we had done. It was really interesting to meet them and ask them questions about their company. We found out that Kavli have given out £100m to help projects like ours and they also sponsor renewable energy projects. 

We think these projects are really good as it is important to get children involved in helping make changes and saving the planet. This was a good project because we have saved food and money. It helps the environment as it reduces landfill. Rubbish put into landfill rots and makes methane gas which causes pollution and global warming. 

We would recommend this project to other schools as it saves money, saves waste and saves the environment. 

If everybody works together we can make big changes!

Written by the Year 4 Waste Warriors at Cestria Primary School.

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