Be a REfUSE Champion

REfUSE runs on a very tight budget, we do a lot with a little! Did you know it costs more to run a cafe like ours than it would a ‘normal’ cafe – there, a manager would just buy food from a wholesaler every week, working with the same menu every day; whereas we need to pay a full-time wage to drive a van around the North East, sort and manage food. We don’t make enough from Pay As You feel contributions, so we are reliant on applying for grant funding and fundraising in order to stay open and pay our staff.

We are looking for people to champion what we do, by giving us a monthly donation. Just £10 or £20 a month would go a long way to helping REfUSE continue to work on reducing food waste, and empowering community in Chester-le-Street. Your funds would help us pay for the core costs of running REfUSE, like van maintenance costs or internet bills, help pay our insurance or rent costs, and even fund Jonny’s salary – working full time with supermarkets and retailers to both collect their surplus food and challenge how to reduce it in the first place.

Would you consider becoming a REfUSE Champion, by giving £10, £20 or £30 per month?

Please fill in your contact details on this form, we will be in touch shortly with our bank details and any further instructions.

THANK YOU. Your generosity is helping to make the world a better place.

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