What to do if you need food

  1. Have you asked your friends, neighbours, relatives who can get out of the house to buy you food?
  2. Are you able to afford food but are in isolation and have no one who can bring it over, or are you waiting too long for deliveries?
    • Check out this document which lists all the food available to buy in County Durham areas. It includes lots of local producers, butchers and greengrocers who are delivering.
    • (NB This is an open source document, which means it can be added to and edited by YOU! If you can see anything we’ve missed, please add it, and join the Facebook group for updates too.)
  3. Have you explored what support is available in your community?
    • There are many Mutual Aid Facebook groups where local people and neighbours are helping each other. County Durham Mutual Aid has a phone number you can ring: 0191 649 8893
    • Durham Locate is being updated all the time listing organisations who offer support.
    • County Durham Together community hub is open 10.00am until to 3.00pm on weekends for those in self isolation who need help to get food shopping, medicines or general help and guidance – call 03000 260 260 or visit http://www.durham.gov.uk/covid19help
  4. If you are still stuck, or urgently need food in the next few days, get in touch. Contact jenny@refusedurham.org.uk or call 07561 765264. We are doing deliveries covering as big a delivery area as is practical. In order to work out if we can deliver a food box we need the following information from you:
      • – your address *
      • – your phone number * in case we get lost and so we can tell you we’re on our way
      • – whether there is anything you can’t eat or particularly need
      • *we will keep your personal details secure and only use them for the purpose of this delivery and then delete them when no longer required.
      • We just don’t know how much food we’ll have and so cannot guarantee repeated deliveries so if you need us again we need you to get back in touch so we can see our availability.

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  1. we have to stop in our home for twelve weeks we got a letter to tell us there is three of us my husband goes out sometimes but he has hes own health issues we have struggled for two weeks but can only afford bread milk potatoes tea we have not been here a long time and moving has cost us all off our money we are struggling for now we have never been like this we worked hard but now I am in a wheelchair what I want to know is does anybody give food voucher or a food parcel to help me just once thankyou

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