Emmanuel Tots

We love to see the space in the REfUSE café being used by community groups : from coding workshops for three year olds to mental health support groups to church meetings, open mic nights and birthday parties.

On monday mornings, we host a toddler group ran by Emmanuel church : this is one of the numerous examples of things you can do with the space offered by the café. We are expecting a lot of similar events through 2019, so why not yours ?

Our café is full of friendly people, open to everyone and made for everyone, so get in touch if you are interested in running your project here.

Emmanuel told us a bit more about their project :

Emmanuel Tots is a friendly toddler group open to all and completely free of charge! We started as a group of mums from Emmanuel Church CLS, meeting in one of our houses with our young kids. We moved into REfUSE Cafe in April 2018 and it’s been amazing to see the group evolve into an often busy and thriving toddler group. We love meeting new parents/carers and their kids, many of whom happen to walk past and notice kiddie things going on so pop in to investigate! We aim to have a different craft activity each week, as well as a different ‘sensory tuff table’ and varying toys to play with. The kids enjoy a little story or song time towards the end, and the grownups love to make use of the delicious coffee and treats on offer at the cafe! We’re excited to see how Tots is going to grow in 2019! 

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