Mim’s Story

In my first year at University, I overheard some Quakers who were sharing my table in the library café, talking about what they’d found in some supermarket bins. I interrupted to ask more and they invited me out with them the following night to see for myself. They had both brought 65L hiking rucksacks to carry that day’s edible waste. That night’s haul was enough to feed my household for the next few months. Good, healthy, fit to eat, food.

4 years later, I accompanied Nikki on our first tentative wanderings around green grocers to see whether we might be able to intercept food before it got to the bin. We took pictures of supermarket bins, and we got angry. From then it’s been amazing to watch our little company grow- intercepting more and more food, feeding more people and including more volunteers in our food waste-saving family. I’m over-the-moon that after 2 years of sticking my head in at evenings at weekend, I’ll be able to start a part time role. I’ll be coordinating our Waste Less, Save More campaign, launching OLIO – a food waste app, running community events and getting stuck into our café renovation.

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