I have just arrived in Copenhagen, attending UNLEASH Lab 2017. I was selected out of a few thousand people to be one of 1,000 ‘talents’ from around the world, all gathering in Denmark to work together towards UN Sustainable Development Goals. Here is a video that tells you more about the SDGs, and check out more about UNLEASH here.

I don’t at all know what to expect, and what exactly we will be getting up to, but I do know from a small about of social media, reading blogs and meeting just a handful of the other attendees at the airport, it is going to be an inspiring, challenging and world-changing couple of weeks.

I’m in the ‘food’ group, and I’m looking forward to hearing about and discussing food waste and consumption around the world. I’ll be promoting The Real Junk Food Project and our Pay As You Feel concept; talking about how we as consumers can (and are!) influence corporations and policy makers; and thinking about how we can join the dots and use our common sense in all the parts of our food supply chain to reduce the amount that is needlessly wasted.

Follow #UNLEASHLAB2017 on Twitter and various other social media channels if you want to keep up with our progress and join in with some of the discussions. Feel free to message me if you’ve got any ideas or questions I can bring to the table. I will report back when I’m home!

(N.b. This means I won’t be in the office 12th – 23rd August. I will check emails intermittently, and Jonny is around to reply to anything urgent.)